Facial Treatments

Basic Facial  $25
cleanliness, relaxation

Teen Training Facial  $25
mild extraction and to teach good skin care habits

Herbal Paraffin Hydration Facial  $50
diminishes appearance of fine lines, treats dehydration, mature or sun damaged skin

Deep Pore Facial  $50
unclog pores, remove black heads, reduce oil production

Galvanic Acne Facial  $50
treats severe acne with electromagnetic waves plus deep pore

Manual Microdermabrasion  $75
finely ground crystal powder buffs top layers of skin to reveal fresher younger looking skin and stimulates skins own production of colagen and cells

Pineapple Acid Peel Facial  $75
fruit acids peel and loosen dead layers of skin and produce cell turn over

Chemical Peels:

Salycilic Acid  $35
Level 1 resurfacer

Salycilic HQ  $40
Level 2 medium depth resurfacer

Jesners  $50
Level 3 medium level skin behavioral change

Koji   $100
Level 4 deep level skin behavioral change